Record #1

I’ve done a number of record sleeves this spring. The first one is being pressed right now, the second one in July and a couple I am still working on. The third one was for Wake the President, who are releasing a new album and single. The single arrived today, and it’s a split-7″ with Miniature Dinosaurs released by Electric Honey. “Elaine” sounds fantastic and so will the album that’s out soon. The graphic concept carries across both releases of course, and I’ve used Caslon 224 again, which simply looks great at higher point sizes. It also ties in nicely with Andrew Symington’s design for previous releases. Symington, if you don’t know him, has been running the Divine! club night in Glasgow for the past 20 years and created several record covers for Belle & Sebastian. I incidentally came across this feature from The List, about the club’s 20th anniversary. It’s happening on June 4 and you should definitely go if you’re around cause it’s the last one at the Vic Bar. It’s part of the Glasgow School of Art student union building, which is apparently closing “for a planned programme of demolition and redevelopment”. I’ve been to Divine! a number of times, and I’ve never been disappointed.

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