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If I’d paid more attention, this would have been my favourite single of last year. Paul Messis, who is the same age as me, seems to have come out of nowhere, looking and sounding like a young Dan Treacy with his Burns Doublesix. Paul played bass with London mod/garage group The Fallen Leaves (with Rob Symmons of Subway Sect no less) for about a year, before hooking up with Marty and Mole of State Records (and The Higher State). He’s recorded three singles with them so far, one out on 13 O’Clock Records (pictured below) and two on State, even if he doesn’t have a live band yet. This is what a picture sleeve should look like!

He’s got a wealth of songs just waiting to be taken into the Folkestone studio, and The Problem With Me LP should be out by May he reckons. 13 O’Clock are having it pressed right now. I seem to share more favourite bands with Messis than anyone I’ve met, he quotes The Dovers and The Squires for example, and Fenton records out of Michigan, USA. Fenton was the home of many a great group: The JuJus, The Quests, The Aardvarks and The Plagues. Since one of the covers Paul has done is The Plagues’ doom-laden “I’ve Been Through It Before” I asked him if I could put it up here. You’ll have it yourself as well soon, since it’ll be included on the next Lost In Tyme fanzine comp.

Paul Messis – I’ve Been Through It Before

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