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For anyone who missed last year’s Higher State (ex-Mystreated) single “Song of the Autumn”, here’s the video for it, and it’s quite cool apart from the vintage dust filter. It came out on their own label State Records, and now that they’ve got their own studio and label they can really let their creativity flow. New album Freakout At the Gallery is in the works and another 45 on Get Hip has been announced. It will be “I’ll Always Be Around” b/w a West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band cover. “Transparent Day” is one of the best WCPAEB originals so I’m really looking forward to hearing that, especially since Marty Ratcliffe and company have shown great skill with their previous choices and executions of cover version (e.g. “My Time” by The Golden Dawn).

There’s a short doc about the set-up of the label here. More about other State recording artists portrayed in it, like Paul Messis, soon but right now I also must tell you about the Offhooks LP they just put out. The Offhooks was an Edinburgh group featuring Lenny Helsing (The Thanes) on drums and they cut an album around 1990 which remained unreleased cause the intended label folded. Now, Outside Looking In is finally available on State – check out “Pass the Time” over there.

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