I just purchased this single on eBay, because “Nature Taking Its Course” is one of my favourite songs. I’ve included it in a mix I just made, but if you can’t wait until I post it you can hear both sides via the link in the discography below. I first heard it on a garage comp by Gyro66 several years ago, and once played it when DJing on a train. The single is a bit of a mystery, since it’s not really a garage record at all, being released in 1968, by an artist so un-hip it took them two years to catch onto the sound of ’66. Actually it sounds a bit like the first Grass Roots single “You’re a Lonely Girl”. But song simply has everything, combining the three best songs about 60s music: fuzz, twangy guitar and a fantastic harmony in the bridge. Add to that a bass line to kill for and you’ve got a perfect song for dancing.

Well, I’ve been researching the band/artist today and one site suggests this is the same ‘Christopher Robbins’ who had three 45s on RCA previously. Listening to the flip of the Liberty single, “Elegant Swan”, it seems plausible. But does anyone know for sure? There’s a query about Christopher Robbins on Spectropop but I don’t see any answers. Some of the sides by Robbins are on YouTube, click on the links below in this proposed discography:

Here, There and Everywhere / The Street of Forgotten Lovers (RCA 47-8937) 1966
Fancy Rings and Things / My Devotion (RCA 47-9035) 1966
Leave the Crying to Me / Shadows (RCA 47-9137) 1967

Elegant Swan / Nature Takin’ Its Course (Liberty 56017) 1968


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Christopher Robin’s real name was Rick Bystrom.. He was a sophomore at Evergreen Park High School. I was the drummer in the garage band that he was discovered in at the Battle of the Bands at Navy Pier in Chicago 1967.

I played guitar on a recording of Elegant Swan, organized by Dick Toops and Joel Cory in 1968. I knew Dick and Joel from the time they recorded the Griffith Harter Union in 1967; I played guitar in that band. I later played lead guitar for a brief time with the band Christoper Robin and Friends – we were one of the opening acts for the Sonny and Cher 1968 Opera House show. I’ve been trying to fnd out more info on the band and who played with me at that gig, any photos and so on. I remember we all wore costumes as part of the image, I think ther were green? Anyone have any more info or photos or links to Elegant Swan recording? thanks.

thanks for getting in touch! and for the info, I also would love to hear more. cheers!

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