Our second event is booked! Following closely after my DJ set at the La Sera gig at Debaser, we’re back at Belle Epoque for a proper RECORD TURNOVER night. This time we’ve got an exclusive guest called Marcus Cawood, who should be familiar from a long line of excellent Malmö club nights (Flipside, Reaction, The Gabb). We’ll be playing 60s garage, some French garage by the Happy Family groups and as usual new releases from your favourite labels, like Captured Tracks, Bachelor, Hardly Art and Burger.

Considering the flyer design, I thought it was a bit of a coincidence that the free ep that comes with Wire’s new album looks like this:

Well, actually that’s just the disc since it doesn’t have an individual cover. But it made me think that perhaps the Record Turnover logo can also be seen as a cd − or a vinyl label. By the way, Wire will be appearing at Debaser in Malmö soon.

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