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The first Record Turnover club night went down well, and there should be another one in the new year sometime. Read the full playlist below, and check out playlists from two guest dj sets I did last week on Facebook.

While you’re reading up on those obscurities, you can sit down and relax to the first Record  Turnover podcast, which brings us up to SIDE4. I’ve used Mixcloud to host it, saving you the trouble of having to download it. I’m not completely happy with how it works, so I’m not sure I’d use it in the future. But anyway, stream it at my Mixcloud page. Here’s the tracklisting:

Lover! – I’ll Be There
The Mystreated – Wait and
The Maharajas – I Still Believe
John English III & The Heathens – Some People
Dean Ford & The Gaylords – Mr. Heartbreak’s Here Instead
The Resonars – Under the Blazing Stars
The Starfires – Won’t Die Away
Brym-Stonz Ltd. – Times Gone By
Chalk and Numbers – When Summer Is Through
Les Bellas – I Love You
The Loons – Diamonds, Garbage & Gold
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels – My Gang
The Sugar Stems – I Don’t Wanna Be Around You
The Test Patterns – Crazy Over You
Zipper – Sr. Increíble
The Tartans – Scenic Circles
Girls Names – I Lose
Audacity – Rama Donna
Myelin Sheaths – Chemistry Lessons
The Human Expression – I Don’t Need Nobody
The Trodden Path – In This World I Need Love
Army Navy – Dark As Days

SIDE1 playlist:

The Patriots – As Fall the Leaves
The Wildflower – Wind Dream
Watermelon Men – Tell That Girl
Wednesday Week – You Wanted Me to Hang Around
Honey Ltd. – I’ve Got Your Man
The Sunshine Company – Reflections On an Angel
The Revolvers – Like Me
The Critters – Because You Came to See Me Today
The Suns of Mourning – I’m Not Worth It
The Druids – Old Willow
Fargo – Sunny Day Blue
The Poor – Hung Up On Losin’
The Ballroom – Love’s Fatal Way (instrumental)
The Briks – Over You
28th Day – I’m Only Asking
The Ashes – Dark On You Know
The Rain Parade – What She’s Done to Your Mind
The Bacardis – This Time
Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Patterns
Dana Gillespie – No! No! No!
Rita Calypso – Believe
Tomorrow’s World – The Winter Is Cold
The Feminine Complex – Forgetting
Exchequers – Greensleeves
The WordD – You’re Gonna Make Me
The Bats (US) – Nothing At All
3’s a Crowd – I Don’t Want to Drive You Away
The High Windows – Your Eyes
The Energy Pack – See That I Come Home
The Dovers – I Could Be Happy
The Chocolate Watchband – Misty Lane
Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields
Grant McLennan – Dropping You
Merrell Fankhouser & H.M.S. Bounty – Girl (I’m Waiting For You)
Creatures, Inc. – Stop Your Sobbin’
Markley – Inside – Outside
Dionne Warwick – Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You So

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