Jess Scott from Los Angeles first made a splash with Brilliant Colors, which later evolved into Flesh World. At the same Scott has also played in a multitude of collaborative settings, such as Toy Love tribute band Baggy Attitude. That was a duo with Roxanne Clifford (Patience) and their only release a flexi on Seth Bogarth’s brand turned label Wacky Wacko. Scott also played in Index with Eric from Nodzzz.

Earlier this year her first release as Jess Scott came out on Winona, a small label run by Scot and Clifford. Clifford is part of the new constellation as well as members of Terry Malts, Wavves and White Fence. Modern Primitive is a fascinating take on post-punk via glam and jangle. “I’m So Forgetful” feels like a lost classic while “Lion In a Killer Zoo” could have been a Bowie song. It’s one of those records that were recorded pre-pandemic but came out in its aftermath.

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