SIDE3 | G100 PT.1

The next SIDE is the first of a four-part compilation. Recently I’ve been tracking down the songs on the G100: an attempt to create something like Kev Roberts list of the top 500 northern soul songs, but for the 60s garage community. So far the 300 most collectable 45s have been researched, but I’m sure the list is already a few years old, since several songs listed as uncompiled have since appeared on comps or over at Garage Hangover.

Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to compile the first 100 songs on 4 cds, since the songs are spread out over almost as many compilations (which the comps are you can see from the tags). I was eventually able to find mp3s of all entries and in the cases where I had both the A and B sides, I chose my favourite side. Around this I have designed a box set made of newsprint, the function of which will be revealed after I’ve posted all four parts.

The first part is here, and it includes entries 1 through 25.

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