SIDE2 | spotify mix

The next SIDE is a 17 song mix for Spotify, which you can access here. Play it and get in the mood for our first event on Dec 21st, with some excellent folk rock and sunshine pop. The band on the cover is The Witness Inc. and the tracklist is as follows:

01 The JuJus – I’m Really Sorry
02 The Mystreated – Nothing Baby
03 Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Sunday Afternoon
04 Carrie Nations – Find It
05 The Living Daylights – Always With Him
06 Wendy & Bonnie – I Realized You
07 Bread – Look At Me
08 Bedlam’s Offspring – The Thrill Is Gone
09 Grant McLennan – All Her Songs
10 Catwalk – (Please) Don’t Break Me
11 Honeyrider – Sunshine Skyway
12 Don & the Goodtimes – I Hate to Hate You
13 The Rooks – Bound to Lose
14 The Briks – It’s Your Choice
15 The Ashes – Let’s Take Our Love
16 We the People – Alfred, What Kind of Man Are You?
17 The Kinks – Stop Your Sobbing

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