Joanna Rytel | Art Video

Among the books chosen by Svensk Bokkonst (Swedish Book Art) as the finest of 2010’s crop, my favourite is Joanna Rytel’s art book Art Video, published by Dokument. It is designed by Sebastian Wadsted from Stockholm who graduated from Konstfack‘s graphic design and illustration Bachelor program in 2009, but the concept must have been envisioned by the artist. I just saw a physical copy of it, and it’s difficult to convey here, but it’s basically a cardboard picture book cut in half. Contained within each cardboard page is a photo, which you can see by pulling the halves apart. The photo also keeps the halves from being separated, since they can only be pulled apart so much. The foetus on the cover is conveniently placed over the split. The whole book is set in Univers Condensed, which must of course, be appreciated.

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