2021 best LPs pt. 1

This is the one you’ve been waiting for – the best LPs of the year. Well, maybe not quite. This year we are listing 40 releases, but we’ve split them up in a list of mainly post-punk/wave releases and a general list. I don’t know if this is most confusing than before, but at least it gives you the opportunity to discover more music and probably something that is more to your taste.

Best post-punk albums of 2021

  1. Reymour – Leviosa (Knekelhuis)
  2. Bitumen – Cleareye Shining (Heavy Machinery)
  3. Rolltreppe – s/t (Bachelor)
  4. Screensaver – Expressions of Interest (Upset the Rhythm)
  5. Human Figures – Footsteps (BFE)
  6. Algara – Absortos en el tedio eterno (La vida es un mus)
  7. Flaccid Knob – Mit schwung in die Zukunft (Quality)
  8. The Mind – Open Up the Windows and Leave Your Body (Lumpy)
  9. La Union Metalurgica – Untitled (L.I.E.S.)
  10. Spread Joy – s/t (Feel It)
  11. Laughing Gear – Freak Lemons (Heavy Machinery)
  12. Panoptique – How Did You Find Me (Macadam Mambo)
  13. Rosa Damask – Memorials (DKA)
  14. Gustaf – Audio Drag For Ego Slobs (Royal Mountain)
  15. Double Job – Ohne tanzen planen (Mangel)
  16. The Drin – Engines Sing For the Pale Moon (Future Shock)
  17. Cardinal & Nun – Dancing In the Evil (L.I.E.S.)
  18. Das Das – Leben in Bildschirmen (Detriti)
  19. Tatat – VHS (Phormix)
  20. Double Echo – Moon (Fabrika)

It was a tough selection this year, but in the end it was also influenced by the few live performances I witnessed in 2021. So both Reymour and Gustaf are on the list because the music was taken to a completely new level in their live sets. Surprisingly only three Melbourne groups made it this year. And the Rolltreppe LP is one that flew under the radar for many people – definitely check that one out.

The list of best albums within other genres will follow tomorrow. And later you’ll also get one with the best electronic LPs of 2021.

If you want more stuff to listen to you can check out our playlist that starts off with the 40 best releases of 2021 (or as many that we could find on streaming services) and continues with another 160 highlights from the year.

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