Two big pieces of news dropped today, and one of them is a new album from French producer Brodinski, or Louis Rogé. I feel like he’s often mentioned as huge producer with a magic ‘French’ touch – and of course he has worked with many big names in hiphop and pop – but for his own releases he has always firmly aligned himself with the underground. E.g. in his collaboration with DJ Loser.

He actually started out on a major label ten years ago, but has subsequently run his own Bromance label as well being a resident at Social Club in Paris. Earlier this year he released a mixtape that shows the two different sides of his music (on side A and B, even).

Next month his new EP The Sinkhole is coming out, and once again it’s a on a small label, out of Jordan actually, called Drowned By Locals. It was recorded in Miami and includes 6 new tracks – hear one of them below.

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