Daniella Ljungsberg in Copenhagen & Malmö


Daniella Ljungsberg (SE), 55 Cancri e (SE)

Irene Kaltenborn (NO), Vanja Ivarsson (SE)

Radical Slowness (DK)

27 June 20.00
Jolene, Copenhagen
Free entry

28 June 20.00
Hypos, Malmö
Tickets available here

After years living in different countries, Daniella is now based in Stockholm and released her debut LP I Do Care on Paris label Orthodox in 2024. It’s one of the best Swedish albums in a good while, and will be celebrated with her first live shows in Scandinavia. Daniella’s music consists of field recordings, dreamy melodies and folky vocals – existing in the same ‘experimental but effortless’ idiom of Low Company and Discreet Music.

Supporting Daniella is a Malmö-based artist who possibly lived in Berlin at the same time as Daniella, without crossing paths. Known locally for her experimental take on ambient and folk, 55 Cancri e is named after a super earth described by NASA as a “super hot world covered in a global ocean of lava”. Her most recent release is a cassette on new Malmö label Civic Sounds.

A Norwegian artist and filmmaker who has an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Her body of work is framed by the relationship between identity and ecology, their connectedness and dependency of each other. She currently lives and works between Malmö and Tromsø, and will be showing an extract of a longer video work called Tapets koreografi (Choreographies towards loss), 2024.

Originally from Uppsala but now based in Malmö and active as an artist, illustrator, designer and more. She’s the co-founder of Katla, a comics fanzine, and completed her degree at Konstfack in 2022. Vanja will be showing an updated version of her BA project called Restless Sleeper.

Radical Slowness invites you to embark on a hypnotic journey of an otherworldly blend of ambient, downtempo, and atmospheric melodies. With sounds carefully curated to captivate and transport you to a realm where time slows down, allowing you to tune deeper into yourself. Radical Slowness has previously appeared on Panini Radio and will be providing the evening’s soundscape.

Update: Here’s a rough list of track IDs from me. Radical Slowness ended up cancelling due to illness but was replaced by Maria (Kune festival) whom you can also hear on Radio Panini. Below is also a playlist for anyone who’d like to dive in further.

Xuri – Radiate
Drumloop – I Don’t See It
Clair – Prefect Promise
Bryozone – Ambiency
Trinity Megas – Inception
Upsammy – Square to Sphere
Slowfoam – Somniferous, Like a Piquant Crescent
Aemong – Time With T
Moonilena – Skuggkurva
Wist – Mean
Sonja Tofik – Cleansed
Claire Rousay – Sycamore Skylight
Gi – Cipher (feat. Abby Sundborn)
Tangerine – Peripheral
Ryong – I Don’t Wanna Reset
Vata Pagan – Eternal Vehemence
Helen Island – Alice DJ
Baby Bong – Flying Glass Bread/Bleed
Man Rei – Recto-verso
Marta De Pascalis – Harmonices Infinity
Lighter – Acid Release
Aset – Ur mörker

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