Record Turnover at Jolene

We forgot to tell you but we have started working with a venue in Copenhagen to put on some events throughout the summer. The first of these already took place yesterday, I just forgot to mention it. Then we have some upcoming live gigs in June and September so stay tuned for more news.

Yesterday we did a very chill post-punk & electro night at Jolene with guest DJs Bette Davis Eyes from Warsaw and our good friend Beatriz Versolato, who’s from São Paolo but has been based in Copenhagen for many years now. We’ll try to get some mixes up of the different sets.

Here’s roughly what I played:

The Cop Killers – Cop Killers Theme
Aunt Sally – Loreley
Soft Estate – The Painted Ship
Dissemblance – Souffle au Coeur
Plus Instruments – Rush Hour
Crash Course In Science – It Cost’s to Be Austere (demo)
Near Paris – Believe Me
Leitmotiv – Philosophy
Kilynn Lunsford – Sewerland
Schulverweis – Mehr
LEGIT GIRL DJ – Surface Level
Isabella Koen – Exit Appeal
Betonkust – Ferenc’s Escape
Cuerina Raw Dry & Chumming – Nocturno Baile
Dame Area – Esto me pertenece
Figure Section – Up North
Nite Fleit – Little Robot
Sympathy Nervous – Cabaret Voltaire

Later b3b set:

Louise Freeman – Mirage
Linda “Babe” Majika – Let’s Make a Deal
Maud Geffray – Moonshine
SDH – Maybe a Body
Swan Meat – Too Late
Valerie Ace – Angel Acid
Dylan Kenway & Predacid – Is It Really Love
Netware – 1998
Zpectrum – Dafire (Megatronic rework)
Nuovo Testamento – Love Lines

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