80s HITS: Hörförståelse


Hörförståelse was a Swedish post-punk band formed in the suburbs of Stockholm 1980. The members were inspired by UK bands after having travelled to London – especially the weirder part of punk. After Mats Wigerdal (of Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons) and a couple of other guys joined the group they released a DIY single called “Förläst Jävel” on CTR – a label that basically allowed bands to self-release music.

The title roughly translates as ‘overly well-red bastard’ and has become a classic of Swedish punk. In 2015 the remaining members of the band (principal songwriter Anders Sjölander tragically passed away in 2013) were approached by Captured Tracks and suddenly a wealth of old recordings appeared. There were gathered on the 2016 retrospective compilation Listening Comprehension (1980​-​1982), available through Manufactured sub label.

Interestingly, a documentary about the band and how Captured Tracks found them aired on Swedish television around the same time – called Worst band ever?. It’s also on youtube in two parts.

It’s in Swedish but contains some great live footage of the band. The 12 unreleased tracks on the LP show the lyrical genius of Sjölander, who mainly played bass in the group.

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