Elia y Elizabeth has by far been my best discovery of 2020, and I mean up there with Wendy & Bonnie and some of the best albums ever recorded. The two sisters Elia and Elizabeth Fieta were born in Bogotá to Spanish parents. They recorded their first single in Barcelona but then moved back to Colombia where they issued two classic LPs in 1972-73, mixing the folkrock of Lee Hazlewood with the tropicalia sound of Brazil. “Pesadilla” sounds peculiarly similar to the Suzi Jane Hokom single “Need All the Help I Can Get”, penned by Hazlewood. “Soy una nube” might be my favourite track – this one and “Alegría” were remixed and released by Razor-n-Tape in October. Otherwise, check out Vampi Soul’s excellent La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth.

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