One of the artists joining the roster for this year’s Intonal festival in Malmö, Sweden, is South Korean artist Bela. Now based in Berlin, they just created a feature mix for Mutant Radio’s collaboration with Intonal. Mutant Radio will be joining local Retreat Radio for a showcase at the festival next month.

Set to be released just before the festival takes place is their debut album Noise and Cries 굉​음​과 울음. It’s a joint release from Unsound and London label Subtext (who are celebrating a 20th anniversary). Unsound, of course, is the Polish festival which intermittently releases music. They’ve previously released music by Sofie Birch, who has performed at Intonal in the past. Like Intonal, Unsound is also part of the Shape+ platform.

Bela’s 7-track LP includes vocals for the first time and about the songs, they’ve said: “If this was going to be an album about death, it couldn’t be preoccupied with loss, but rooted in a deep desire to regain the will to live.” Listen to one of the tracks below.

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