Kali Malone LP

Kali Malone has a new album out on Stephen O’Malley’s label Ideological Organ. It’s the continuation of a long collaboration between the artists, which saw them rope in British electro-acoustic composer Lucy Railton for last year’s Does Spring Hide Its Joy. The new 12-track album is called All Life Long and was recorded over the past four years. The organ pieces were recorded on various really old organs in Lausanne, Amsterdam and Malmö.

I was actually at the concert in Malmö last year, where O’Malley also made a surprise appearance. Apparently they have performed these pieces together and he also produced the album that’s been out for a few weeks now.

Malone is one of many artists playing Dekmantel10 this summer, but one of few playing in the Oude Kerk church in Amsterdam. One of the events for which tickets sold out immediately.

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