RainboWarriors 1 comp 

RainboWarriors Vol. 1 is the title of an ambitious forthcoming compilation from Warriorecords, run by Rebeka Warrior out of Paris. They’ve just shared the first out 15 tracks included and it’s a new one from Jennifer Touch – one of many artists playing Grauzone festival this weekend in The Hague.

The actual double-vinyl release is available “this spring” so look out for further announcements. This is one record you won’t want to miss with contribution from many artists and producers active in the queer community. Some names we are excited about are Baby Volcano, Dame Area, Minuit Machine, NNHMN, Syzygyx and Borusiade.

Two French DJs and producers who are also playing Grauzone this year – Belaria and Cate Hortl – are contributing as well. Hortl (pictured above) will be familiar to fans of Warriorecrods, after her excellent 2022 EP.

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