80s HITS: Chrystal Belle Scrodd


Diana Rogerson is a British musician who has been active for many years and using different aliases. She was married to Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound and collaborated with them and Current 93, but she her own band in the early 80s called Fistfuck.

In the mid-80s she recorded two now-classic albums as Chrystal Belle Scrodd – the first coming out on Nurse With Wound’s label United Diaries. The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Record was an 8-track LP that revelled in weird sounds, experimental industrialism and wild vocals.

The following year the equally great Belle de Jour produced 9 more tracks. Both albums got reissued on cd in 2005. By chance I found out today that Optimo has actually just reissued another creation of Diana Rogerson’s.

Her 2007 album as A Bad Diana originally came out on United Jnana. Called The Lights Are On But No​-​One’s Home, some say it’s her finest work, but regardless of what you think these 7 tracks will haunt your memory. It came out a few weeks ago but sold out almost immediately. A second pressing is on the way.

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