Apple Turnover 049

It’s January and time for a monthly playlist that in effect also rounds up some of the amazing releases of last year that I completely missed for reason or another. Trawling through the end-of-year lists from other publications made it shockingly apparent how easy it can be stay in your bubble. The first three tracks here from Leah Senior, Tele Novella and Mikaela Davis are all so amazing they each deserve their own post – in a perfect world. But time is limited and despite managing a stunning 800 post last year, I love having Apple Turnover as a safe backup plan.

Literally everything here is amazing, from new Kit Sebastian and Ghost Funk Orchestra singles to Claire Davis’ and Gabriel de Rosa’s heart-warming albums. The Cat’s Miaow released a split with Rocketship, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Naarm label Lost and Lonesome. Rudy de Anda, Mega Bog, Nico Paulo, and Maxine Funke all released new albums as well.

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