2023 best postpunk 7″/EP

And here we are at the tail end of the holidays and it’s time to wrap up for real. Having already dealt with the more dance-oriented releases of the year, the time has come to scrutinise the releases within punk, post-punk, hardcore, synth, coldwave etc etc. Another strong year for Australian music, with five releases in out top 15. And nice work Urge Records for backing three of those, you’ve been right on your money in 2023.

Top 15 releases

  1. Advoids – Advoids EP (Urge)
  2. Gyrate – Negative Excess EP (Urge) 
  3. It Thing – Constant State 7” (Feel It)
  4. Troth – Idle Easel 12” (Digital Regress)
  5. Carnations – Carnations EP (Urge)
  6. Puerta Negra – Caida mal EP (Synthicide)
  7. Dim Garden – Soleil Tartare 12″ (Yarrow Ballet)
  8. The Prize – First Sight 7” (Anti Fade)
  9. Kute – Man On the Street CS (Sentinel)
  10. Es – Fantasy EP (Upset the Rhythm)
  11. Plague Pits – The Light EP (Transnecropolitan)
  12. Disintegration – Time Moves For Me EP (Feel It)
  13. Water Machine – Art Fair 7” (Fatcat)
  14. Savage Grounds – Separation Shock 12” (Oraculo)
  15. Saufknast – EP I (Flennen)

We’d also like to take our hats off to Melissa (another Urge recording artist) and Tee Vee Repairmann (another Australian act) for just barely dropping out at the last moment. Stay tuned for the top 15 LPs coming in the next few days.

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