2023 best electronic 12″/EP

Here is the first ‘best of’ list of 2023, and while this has been a shit year for most of us – the music most certainly hasn’t been. In this list we present our favourite 15 releases within electro, techno, trance, EBM and related styles. Of course, genres are a bit malleable to say the least – but in general more analog/synthesizer based music will go in the other lists.

You will recognise the format from last year: here’s a gif with the cover art and below you’ll find links to the individual articles on each release.

Top 15 releases

  1. MarcelDune & Céilí – In Tandem EP (Voight-Kampff)
  2. Kilbourne – Milkshake EP (Prspct)
  3. Spiderwrap – Vex EP (Puppy)
  4. Filmmaker – Death Lessons 7” (Lifeforms)
  5. Reinhaudt – Sprinter EP (LI$)
  6. Isabella Koen – Tip EP (N/A)
  7. DJ Valentimes – Heave 12” (Puppy)
  8. Astral Bandit & Claire’s Accessories – Astral Accessories EP (Underzone)
  9. The Hacker – Red Team 12” (Mindri)
  10. Andi & Machino – Parafernales 12” (Mannequin)
  11. MarcelDune – Sunday People 12″ (Haven)
  12. Valerie Ace – Dare EP (Hardwon)
  13. Neu-Romancer – Neue Romantika 12” (Fleisch)
  14. Andi – Compelling Evidence 12” (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
  15. Safety Trance & DJ Loser – Nexus Sin EP (Magdalena’s Apathy)

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