Lokad comp

Lokad is a mysterious San Francisco label who so far have put out two compilations. The second one, called Heartbreak came out earlier this year without a digital release. The label intentionally kept it quiet to keep the focus on the music. Lokad handpicked the artists included and I can’t see that any one of them has released music before. They were asked to contribute a track based on the theme of heartbreak and the results are stunning.

From the cold electro of “State of Bliss” from Blutmond to the closing superfast bpms of Earth Crisis, this is an immaculate release. You randomly receive a black or coloured vinyl when you ordered and there’s a chance you get an original piece of art packed in the your sleeve as well.

There’s an extra, “hidden”, track on the a-side which I can’t identify (but it sounds great) bringing the total to 7 tracks. So for the lack of audio, but this is a different kind of record.

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