The last of the compilations we’d like to mention this week comes from the tiny label Miseria from Berlin/Mexico City. They’re dedicated to releasing goth, industrial, synth-punk, EBM techno, New Beat and noise on cassette. Their latest offering is a two-part compilation that came out a few weeks ago. It consists of one tape called Bodywork Selections Vol. 2 and Upperwave Selections Vol. 2 – with the second one covering the less dance-oriented part of the spectrum. Here are some great tracks from XTR Human, Laura Schen, Leere Städte and Alekzandra. On the Bodywork tape are tracks from Éstudy, Ana Gartner, Red Deviil and 89s†.

All in there are 23 tracks, but you can also get the Bonus Tape Vol. 2 if you want another 13 tracks. It’s hard to see these as a bonus, since there are amazing producers on here, like Alpha Sect, Rudiment, Unconscious and Laura Krieg.

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