Splinter Cell comp

Splinter Cell is a new Leipzig-based label for ‘underground electronics’ as they call it. In July their first release came out – a Fundraiser VA for Radical Aid Force, who are supporting LGBTQIA+ groups in Ukraine as well as local medical care. The cd (now sold out) contained 12 tracks from familiar names like Alda Vain, DJ Angst, Kiille809 and Leipzig producer DJ Break da Law. Stylistically explorative, the compilation still creates a unique space for Splinter Cell, adjacent to other players like Voight-Kampff.

Next week their First Chapter event at mjut sees DJ Valentimes and Spiderwrap (coming from a gig at Säule with DJ §piral the night before) performing alongside Emma Dowdy and Truthspeaker. Snackbites and Break da Law (who’re both on this release) are also playing.

I’ll be at both those event since DJ Valentimes and Spiderwrap didn’t get a date in Scandinavia this time.

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