Everyone Asked About You

In an unexpected turn of events the Chicago reissue label Numero Group have expanded from obsessing over 70s soul, disco and funk grooves to delving into early 90s guitar music. Emo to be more exact, with an impressive new playlist Early Emo 1985-1995 created in May. A band that appeared just after that, Everyone Asked About You, has now gotten the reissue treatment by the label – collecting everything the Arkansas quartet ever recorded.

The individual releases first appeared as digital, remastered releases, but now you can get the double-LP Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts that includes 19 tracks. They actually remind me a lot of none-emo groups like Junior, Poastal and maybe even some riot grrrl stuff. Amazed I’ve never come across this group until now. Which only proves the value of what people like Numero Group are doing.

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