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Magdalena’s Apathy returns with its second compilation of the year. By now we have come to expect the Greek label to set the agenda for what’s happening in the underground electronic scene, with a reputation that is impossibly hard to live up to. Yet DJ Loser once again proves that there’s an another layer of the onion inside what we already thought we knew. Producers like Santiago Nech and DJ Ibon commingle with 0111001101110100, Cunt Remember from Berlin (in a fab collab with Vaxxx), Iren from France, and Disto and Minum from Finnish collective Aura Trance Alliance.

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[…] In January we wrote about Elysium’s compilation Afterlife and now here is the second instalment from the small Glasgow label. Once again we get music from Aveen (who had an EP out on the label earlier this year), Geo and Käter as well as from new favourites Reinhaudt, Shugo Noss and Iren. There’s also a class trance cut from Finland’s Minum, who appeared on the recent Magdalena’s Apathy compilation. […]

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