Apple Turnover 045

Summer’s over but the summer hit of 2023 just came out a week ago. I’m talking about Slow Pulp’s “Slugs” in which the chorus goes “you’re a summer hit, I’m singing it”. Naturally we’ve included it on the Apple Turnover playlist for September – along with 19 other tracks we somehow haven’t been able to fit into our publishing schedule. August has been a busy month for post-holiday releases and today is no exception. The first of September is also a kinda symbolic date.

Joining Slow Pulp we have DeathbyRomy (who is finally, finally coming to play in Europe very soon), James K, Alice et Moi (no news of the next album yet), Fauna (one of the highlights from PLX, which you will hear more about soon), Daniella Ljungsberg, new supergroup Spiral Dub, Cut Worms and Ariana Delawari with her third album in 14 years.

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