Poexxxali is a celebrated underground group from Moscow, or rather the capital of a parallell world called Darkmenistan. Poexali (ПОЕХАЛИ) means ‘let’s go’ and is also the name of a Russian motorcycle expo. The band revel in this kind of imagery too, with logos imitating Pirelli or Ferarri. A large part of the music’s appeal is its unique humour, which comes through even to the non-Russian speaker in the films that accompany all their albums. Steeped in Soviet culture, ПОЕХАЛИ was famously said by astronaut Yuri Gagarin and came to represent the new modern, space age era of the Soviet Union. On their new (and final?) record, Последний путь, the members continue to juxtapose the absurd with the real – mixing contemporary sounds of hiphop and electro with 90s trash, vampirism and retro art direction. No feature film this time, but there’s a video for “Toy Time” (a collaboration with French rapper Gothking).

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