Last Friday Krister was invited to DJ at Bird, an audiophile cocktail bar in Copenhagen. Having been there some weeks ago listening to Smokey behind the decks was definitely a nice experience. For this set the selections mainly consisted of 45s from the 60s and 70s, so there was a lot of soul, blue-eyed soul, mod sounds and funky psychedelic fare. Plenty of stuff from the great Spanish label Belter of course.

Here’s the full list of track IDs:

Chuck Jackson – I Keep Forgetting (Wand)
Dee Edwards – You Say You Love Me (Tuba)
Amanda Humphrey – Power of Love (USA)
Marlina Mars – I’m Gonna Hold On (MGM)
Phyllis Brown – Something On My Mind (LeCam)
Francois Fabrice – Si tu pouvais me voir (Pathé)
Monique Vernon – Tu reprends mon rêve (Polydor)
Luli Lucinha – Flor lilás (Mr Bongo)
Bruno Leys – Dans la galaxie (Born Bad)
Union Jack – Lady Masham (Fonora)
Watson T. Browne – I Close My Eyes (President)
The Uglies – New Day (Sound 80)
Bobby Setter Combo – Free Love (Hebra)
Flip Flop Stevens – Philly Hump (Dynamite)
Leslie Uggams – Don’t You Even Care (Atlantic)
Los Roberts – Loving For the Night (Regal)
Mi – Dijana (Jugoton)
Circus – Wishing (Movieplay)
Sharks & Me – Buses (Tania)
Justine – Right Now (Buffalo)
Gimmicks – Slipping Into Darkness (Polydor)
Petros Tzamtzis – Ναι Σ’ Αγαπώ (Vasipap)
The Jerms – Baby, Baby Love (Honor Brigade)
Sandy Sarjeant – Can’t Stop the Want (Polydor)
Le Coeur – Bye Bye City (Barclay)
The Black Sharks – Too Much In Love (Decca)
The Sweet Feeling – Ask Me If I’m Ready (HMV)
Donato – Almas irmas (Blue Thumb)
The Fenmen – Everything You Need Babe (Decca)
Tony’s Defenders – Yes I Do (Columbia)
The Poets – That’s the Way It’s Got to Be (Decca)
Jerry Martin – I Can’t Find Her (Columbia)
Lysett – It’s the Little Things (Polydor)
Scots of St. James – Tic Toc (Sonoplay)
Mike Stuart Span – Still Nights (Columbia)
The Leather Boy – Soulin’ (MGM)
Pappys Haunted House – Dude (Mide)
Wanderlea – Vou lhe contar (CBS)
Gino – La vida es un juego de azar (Discophon)
Roberto Carlos – Você não serve p’ra mim (CBS)
Claudya y Ramon – Un millión de lágrimas (Marfer)
Los Chijuas – Estan cambiando los colores (Musart)
Tuesday Club – Only Human (Philips)
Bettey Swann – Don’t Take My Mind (Money)
Jason Knight – Love Is Getting Stronger (Pye)
Gregory y Las 4 Monedas – Trauma (Belter)
The Chymes – He’s Not There Anymore (Chattahoochee)
Mousie & the Traps – How About You (Toddlin Town)
The Debanairs – Feel Alright (W-BS)
Maria Dallas – Ambush (Viking)
Clara Ward – The Right Direction (MGM)
Joey Dee & the Starlighters – How Can I Forget (Caneil)
Unknown – Watch Out (Munster)
Don Norman – Your Place In My Heart (Sir John A)
Tony & Terri – I Want You (Mercury)
Pussycat – Aucune fille au monde (RCA)
Mike Proctor – Mr Commuter (Columbia)
Manolo y Ramon – Lágrimas Sonrias (CPI)
George Loukas – Try (Sparta)
Jigsaw – One Way Street (MGM)
Marisa Medina – No te acuerdas de mi (Belter)
Las Grecas – Orgullo (CBS)
James Curtis – One Fine Morning (Vedette)
Conexion – I Don’t Know What to Do (Movieplay)
Halcon – Te queiro (Madmua)
Patch Work – Be Better (Cash Box)
We Feel – Somewhere Anywhere (CBS)
3 & 1/2 – Don’t Cry to Me Babe (Cameo)
The Newbeats – I’m a Teardrop (Hickory)
Los Grimm – Want My Love (Phillips)
Peshka – La danse du ventre (Jag)
The Pacific Band – Sally Row (Disc Jockey)
The Babylon – Take Me High (Pan-Vox)
New Juggler Sound – Bahia (Mag)
Dee Edwards – A Girl Can’t Go By (Premium Stuff)
J. Bobby Hamilton – If I Make It (Emerson)
Guy Wathelet – Some People Said (Decca)
Thane Russal – Security (CBS)
Terry Winter – I Know (Apolo)
James Anderson – I Was Born a Free Man (Pacemaker)
The Traits – Too Good to Be True (Garrison)
The Turks – Adventure of Love (TK)
Barry St. John – Turn On Your Light (Major Minor)
The Satin Bells – Come C’mon (Accion)
Mary Alexopoulou – Οι Κούκλες (Olympic)
Deny y Dino – Já posso imaginar (Odeon)
Cane & Abel – Gotta Whole Lot of Music (Epic)

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