Like many others I first heard about Shizuka from Japan in 2021 when An’archives released a live album by the group. It was the first time their music was released on vinyl, even though they formed in the early 90s. The group was led by guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and doll-maker Shizuka who passed away on 2010. Also in the band was her husband Maki Miura who had played guitar in several groups including an integration of Les Rallizes Denudes.

In April the LA label Black Editions will finally reissue the Tokyo trio’s first album, originally released by P.S.F. Japan in 1994. Translated into Heavenly Persona, the LP consists of 7 tracks and opens with a piece of psychedelic guitar noise. The contrast is stark to 10-minute closing track “6 Gram Star”, which sounds a lot like Galaxie 500.

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