Incorrect Waves

Incorrect Waves is the alias of Kyiv-based producer and DJ Ihor Khmur, who has been releasing music through Nastia’s label Nechto and another Ukraine label called Mystictrax. Their new record is a 12″ that came out yesterday and is a benefit release in collaboration between Nechto and boutique label/shop Ac55id. The idea behind Ac55id is to make records “limited to 303 copies or less including 1-of-1 first edition vinyl pressings, who’s scarcity is confirmed via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain”.

The 12″ holds two tracks that you can hear snippets of below or at the label’s website. The release is only available there and the proceeds will be split between the artist and a benefit fund chosen by the artist. Today the war has been going on for a year and Ukraine needs more support than ever.

There’s also an upcoming EP from Incorrect Waves on Diffuse Reality, which is set to be released in April.

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