Doxa Sinistra was, just like The Actor, a Dutch duo making electronic music in the early 80s. Their take on experimental sounds included plenty of industrial elements and came to the attention of Trumpett Tapes. They issued their first album Via Del Latte in 1982 and it eventually got a vinyl reissue in 2011 thanks to Enfant Terrible.

This is from the discogs entry:

The first cassette of Doxa Sinistra was arguably the highlight in the Trumpett packaging history, a cassette packed in a milk carton. Via del Latte means Milky Way, but because a large Milky Way chocolate bar wraparound was too expensive we settled for the idea of a milk carton. But how did we manage to get a cassette in there?

Doxa Sinistra continued to release albums and in 2020 Mannequin did this fine retrospective spanning their entire career. Universo – Selected Works 1982​-​1988 is a double-LP that collects studio recordings as well as live tracks. This is now also sold out, but lets hope for a repress sometime soon.

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