Apple Turnover 035

It’s mid-autumn here in Sweden and this month’s playlist starts of with a real late October mood. It occurred to me that someone might actually be interested in hearing what has been on our playlist in the past, and we actually have a ‘shortlist’ that is now up to 700 tracks. The November mix starts off with Maxine Funke’s collection of old odds and ends, as well as new music from Marina Allen. Julianna Riolino (of Daniel Romano’s Outfit) and Julie Odell have both released stunning debuts recently.

There’s also come classic rock from Osees, KGLW, Hooveriii and Groop (the Hooveriii and Frankie & the Witch Fingers jam band). I also really like this new single from Maraschino – which is the alias of NTS host Piper Durabo from LA who does the monthly Kiss Café show. Makaya McCraven’s latest LP is brilliant throughout. Also new stuff from Fractions, Suzi Analogue and Bours?.

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