Back in November the Australian label Blow Blood Records put out a third volume of the celebrated series of compilations called A Long Time Alone. Just like the first two tapes, ALTA 3 is the result of the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns that have forced live music into the periphery of many people’s lives – especially in Melbourne and other Australian cities. All the songs (there’s 39 in total) have been recorded during isolation and this is a true of labour of love, that is aiming to keep the scene alive. We get some choice covers from Alien Nosejob and Set-Top Box, as well as unreleased material from Alex Macfarlane (pictured) who recently put out a tape as Chateau (a collaboration with Al from Total Control). Photo by Ella Cattach.

A fourth volume (also compiled in 2021) with 40 more tracks is on pre-order and out next month. On this one you’ll find contributions from Syzygy, Permits, Snake Valley, Pensioner and Serf just to mention a few.

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