Crimson & Clover mix #4

Just over a month since sharing the last Crimson & Clover mix, here’s another one for you. Like the previous one, Another Side of Crimson & Clover includes tracks from the set we did during the gallery night in Malmö, Sweden. This DJ duo also has some upcoming gigs at Liket (6/11) and Plan B (19/11), but more about this soon.

In this mix you’ll get a slightly darker sound, but still every bit as warm. It includes new favourites from the likes of Claire Laffut and Double Echo, but also some 80s classics from An Luu, Ana Curra and Pylon. Make sure you don’t miss Melenas’ cover of the Grauzone classic “Eisbär”. There’s also new stuff from Anika, Cold Beat, Altin Gün (with Los Bitchos), L’eclair and Time Wharp.

The amazing cover art comes courtesy of @ebbamelber and is a section of their painting That Bloodsucking Vampire You Call Husband. Check out this one and more paintings at

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