Doug Tuttle new LP

Almost a year after the first track “Twilight” premiered, the new LP from Doug Tuttle has dropped on Burger. Titled Dream Road, the record sees Tuttle explore a slightly more introspective mood. While his previous two albums were recorded more or less simultaneously, this record apparently took longer to come together. It’s apparent because the tracks move in different directions, sometimes sounding almost like Cosmic Rough Riders’ gently rolling country rock, sometimes like Kyle Forester’s underground hit “Won’t Go Crazy”. In particular, “Did You Need Someone” sticks in your mind with its incredibly catchy riff. Here, Tuttle permits himself to overdub a simplistic yet effect-full solo. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be so hard. On the slower songs like “Well I Guess” the record also seems to inhabit the same forest-laden landscapes as Sparklehorse (perhaps due to the mellotron more than anything). It’s record of attempted self-invention, which most of the time feels successful.

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