Ängie & Zheani

Last year, Ängie released one of the best Swedish albums with Suicidal Since 1995 which showed a huge development as an artist. This year she has released her first tune in Swedish, as well as a collab with Zheani, which presumably was recorded a while ago. “Orgy of Enemies” is her best track yet, mining the same kind of territory as Tommy Genesis or Cowgirl Clue but with the kind of social realism Zheani has become known for. Photo from @fuckingangie.

If you know what’s been going on in Zheani’s life this year you know she needs your support. She has released two EPs with some of the most essential music being made in 2019, only to be banned both times on many different platforms. She has made some very powerful people angry by telling the truth, and they’re trying to erase her digital presence entirely. It’s scary stuff, but this is how the world works now. Kind of like an extreme version of the godawful Vinyl series, only happening now and in reality.

If not, this interview should get you up to speed.

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