Sebastian Mullaert

Sebastian Mullaert is a Swedish electronic musician who was trained as a violinist. In recent years he was made a name for himself throughout Europe from his rural home in Röstånga. HIs latest piece is called Natthall after a rocky bluff with majestic views over the Rönne river, fields and acres trees. “It’s a place I return to often, to meditate, to think, or just to stare serenely out over the changing landscape” he says. It was recently premiered live together with Subchamer Ensmble (a group of Malmö musicians including Nathan Larson) for the Intonal festival 2021. Check out the recorded live stream here.

Apparently it works like this: “The soloists will receive dynamically rendered scores from his computer via iPad screens, as Mullaert improvises around the main themes of the compositions. He will, in turn, re-loop and creatively process the audio signal from each musician through his specially designed live rig.”

An early version was also released as a double-LP last year, with musicians from Switzerland.

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