Mutants Mixtape

Right now there is a bandcamp campaign going for a vinyl release with the best tracks from Mutants Mixtape’s four volumes of benefit compilations. They were originally released during bandcamp Fridays of 2020-2021 and each contained around 30-50 tracks by artists from around the world. This is how they describe the project: “MUTANTS MIXTAPE is a collaborative release from members of the Mutants1000000 Discord community which was established in order to raise funds for organizations that support and uplift black and trans lives.” There is less than 30 days to make a pledge if you want one of the 250 copies. It’s already been more than 125% funded, but I urge you to order a copy since any profit will be donated to the Native American Rights Fund.

Among the hundreds of artists who have contributed are Cardopusher with their ‘industrial reggaeton’ side project Safety Trance, Arca from Barcelona, Digitonica from Russia and Elise Massoni from France.

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