Itchy Self

Here’s another not-quite new record that just came out on Drunken Sailor last month. We’re talking the debut from Montreal powerpop group Itchy Self, originally released in Canada by Celluloid Lunch last year. Here’s the Rub is a life-affirming 12″ with five tracks so hot the stylus might overheat. The title-track approaches The Fall territory with plenty of dissonance. The vocals on “God Bless the Ego” are amazing and the lyrics are so many levels above your standard punk fare. In fact, it’s unfair calling this release powerpop, this is as genre-defying as the first Pavement LP. The Neon Boys is perhaps the best reference point here, but this is just a piece of unique songwriting that’s not afraid to cross the 4-minute mark. I don’t understand why this isn’t massive?

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