Best of 2020 – a playlist

Only a few days remain of November and all of us who like to compile lists have probably started working on their end-of-year lists. What else is new? If you want to follow the progress, check out the playlist below – which we will try to limit to 300 tracks. The final lists of albums and EPs will probably be split into electronic and non-electronic this year, since it might result in unfair comparisons otherwise. You’ll get to hear a selection of tunes from the list here tomorrow night at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden – where I’ll be doing an early evening DJ set (will post the playlist here later).

Playlist from Nov 28th:

Badge Époque Ensemble – Birds Fly Through Ancient Ruins
Group Modular – Everything Is a Number
Zoe Polanski – Pharaoh’s Island
Holy Hive – Didn’t You Say
Tops – Ballads & Sad Movies
Private World – Blue Spirit
Gauci – To Save A Moment
Mo Dotti – Gravity Well
RVG – I Used to Love You
Jon McKiel – Mourning Dove
Rudy De Anda – Los Canarios
Wax Machine – Birdsong
Gaye Su Akyol – İsyan Manifestosu
Altin Gün – Ordunun Dereleri
Cold Beat – Double Sided Mirror
Reptaliens – Listening
The Green Child – Smart Clothes
Riki – Come Inside
Mystery Guest – Mystery Party
Pod Blotz – Extrasensory
Jackie Lynn – Casino Queen
Alice et Moi – T’aimerais que ce soit vrai
Sofie – In the Park
Red Axes – Watching You
Lila Tirando a Violeta – Lagrima Viva
upsammy – In a Shade
Bergsonist – La Rave
NGHTCRWLR – Nation Under Creep
De Ambassade – Verwijder Jezelf
Introduction – Rollercoaster
Habibi – Stronghold
Ribbon Stage – Cry in the Driveway
The Spits – Wurms
Bikini Body – So Posh
Dame – Ersatz
Es – Sesame
Algara – Dopamina y Producción
Public Practice – See You When I Want To
Spill Gold – Ecotone, Pt. 2
Parsnip – Crossword Cheater
P.E. – Top Ticket
Gustaf – Mine
Lithics – Mice In the Night
P22 – Human Snake, 1978
Hallelujah! – Your Duck
Moth – Jealousy
The Lavender Flu – Barbarian Dust
Traffik Island – Ulla Dulla
Bananagun – Do Yeah
Nightclub – Secret Handshake
Fleur – Moi et toi / toi et moi
Juniore – Tu mens
Penza Penza – Why Do We Care About Anything?
Super-X – XX
All Hits – Sugar Supply
Gee Tee – Kombat Kitchen
Mr. Wrong – White Male Teacher
The Wet Ones – Dreaming
G2G – Wrong Way Corrigan
Goldie Dawn – What’s Inside (Never Dies)
Romero – Troublemaker
Mr. Teenage – Kids
Yin Yin – Haw Phin
Retrograde Youth – The Way of Escape
Lily the Fields – Succession
Sepehr – Hallucination Express
Norwell – Altered States
Штадт – Жажда
Club Music – Beyond New Beat
Trauma Phase – Disconnection
Kat Yusti – Los Muertos
Minimal Violence – The Next Screen Is Death

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