Record Turnover DJ set

Last weekend we did our first DJ set playing only electro, synth and EBM. Overall it was a successful experiment and we’ll probably try to do it again. Here’s Krister’s part of the set:

Daily Fauli – No 1 On 2 (Minimal Wave)
Aural Indifference – Park (Minimal Wave)
Nghtcrwlr – Shine! (Amniote)
Sepehr – Consortium (Dark Entries)
Bézier – Stranger (Dark Entries)
Maxx Mann – Bloody and Blue (Dark Entries)
I2terzon3 – Underwater Jam (Manic)
L.T.F. – Cities I (Chicago Research)
Alessandro Adriani – Interdependence (Pinkman)
Ces Cadáveres – Cuerpos Monstruosos (Detriti)
Mule Driver – Snorer (Creme Organization)
Caroil – In Heaven Or Hell (June)
DSM-V – Function (Third Coming)
Chris & Cosey – Misunderstandings (Conspiracy Intl)
Emily Jeanne – Entering the Spectacle (Semantica)
SDH – No Miracles (Avant!)
Nite Fleit – Folie a Dreamland (UTTU)
Jensen Interceptor – Strings of Fear (Pinkman)
Rebel Yell – In Vein with En V (Rice Is Nice)
Filmmaker – Bioweapons (Soil)
Locked Club – What (Private Persons)
Maenad Veyl – Setback (Veyl)
Caerulea – The Enigma of Fatality (Perfect Aesthetics)
TYVYT|IYTYI – Shade Beneath (Pinkman)
Rerekat – Satisfy His Instinct (Opal)
Phase Fatale – De-Patterning (Ostgut Ton)
Retrograde Youth – Wrong Target (Pinkman)
Biri – Process Is Forever (Counterchange)
Blovk – Lo Que No Arde (Awry)
Club Music – New Films (Chicago Research)
Ana Curra – Lágrimas (Hispavox)

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