Powerpop enthusiasts will be more than familiar with The Toms from New Jersey, if nothing else then because of their private press LP from 1979. The Toms was the one-man band of Tommy Marolda and upon the 30th anniversary of the release, he reissued it on vinyl once again. Of course, it had already been issued on cd by Not Lame back in the 90s, and that was the first time some of the uncovered 1979 material was released. A few weeks ago You Are the Cosmos released Selections From The 1979 Sessions – an EP with four tracks lifted from the cd-only The 1979 Sessions (on Songgram Records, 2019). From the liner notes it seems this was a different session than the one that yielded the album and bonus tracks on the Not Lame release. Recorded over a single weekend, this is a real treasure trove, and the best four tracks are now available on vinyl.

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