The Natural Man Band

Yikes, Lumpy Records are up to 99 releases. Wonder what LR100 will be? Until then, let’s listen to the new Natural Man record until the grooves are worn out. The Natural Man is a guy called Ian Teeple from Kansas City, where he’s been running the secretive Mutants 4 Nuclear Waste tape label. He’s also been in most of the bands on that label, or just from Kansas City in general. Record Turnover faves Warm Bodies and B.B. Eye are simply two of them. After an EP released as Natural Man & the Flamin’ Hot Band a few years ago, he’s now back with a new ‘band’ and what almost feels like a full-length LP. As Lumpy HQ says: “They’ve checked all the boxes – great sound, great songs, great lyrics, great artwork.” I can only concur, Living In a Chemical World… is great.


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