Definitely my best discovery of this year – Futurat out of Saint Petersburg lay down some heavy psychedelic garage rock on their first record. It’s a short album of 8 longish tracks dubbed to cassette by Slime Street in Australia. Sounding like everything from Ty Segall at his best to Australian luminaries East Link, members Artem, Tima, Arthur have done a fine job at beating the Aussies and Americans at their own game.

I love how the drums are so loud in the mix. In fact, everything sounds like it’s loud in the mix here. They must have taken some queues from The Achtungs or their friend DD Owen. I mean, all seven and half minutes of “Rad Revelation” sound immense. They have about 12 likes on fb at the moment, which proves you don’t need a marketing plan when you have a plan to take over the world with fuzz.

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