Ausmuteants new LP

We haven’t forgotten the great Ausmuteants despite them not having released anything for a while. Well they did a split-7″ with Puff last year. But now, Jake Robertson is back enforce. Well, guitarist Shaun Connor wrote all the songs and it’s a concept album. Anti Fade just revealed the first track from the album, which will be called The Word In Handcuffs and is available on vinyl in a month’s time. “Forever Cops” is told from the perspective of a police offer, and it’s so hilarious in its irony, it could easily be on the soundtrack to The Police Academy 9.

The cover was made by Per Byström, a Swedish musician who once played in 90s indie group Cloudberry Jam, but since relocating to Australia he’s played with Mikey Young in the decidedly noisier Ooga Boogas. He’s a also made a bunch of record sleeves, including some great ones for Straight Arrows.

As a bonus, here’s Ausmuteants’ Tinder tale “Horny World”, one of two tracks from last year’s split on Aarght!.

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