Stella Donnelly

Australian singer and songwriter Stella Donnelly from Fremantle debuted last year with the brilliant EP Thrush Metal. The EP, as well her debut album are released by the now semi-legendary label Secretly Canadian. Anyone who choses to release their first LP on the 8th of March deserves some real cred. Beware of the Dog is a proper kick in the teeth of patriarchy, with future classics like “Old Man” and “Die”. It’s pretty clear what kinds of dogs she is warning us about, and I’m sure Donnelly wouldn’t get on with Harlem. On their latest album they poke fun at the saying “all men are dogs”, singing “I know that all men are dogs, but not all dogs are men: house-broken, domesticated”. But who cares about Harlem these days? The next decade will be Donnelly’s.

Photo by Elliot Lauren.

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