New mix

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper mix with new tunes here at Record Turnover. The year has come to such an amazing start with brilliant releases from all over the world that I couldn’t keep myself from putting together some 30 odd tracks from the records you would have heard about here, and some I haven’t even had the time to mention. As the image suggests, Wand are of course included, with a track from the upcoming album.


The Cowboys – Red-headed Girlfriend
Synthetics – Nowhere to Go
FEELS – Find a Way
Mattiel – Game Show
Bananagun – Do Yeah
Traffik Island – Looking Up
Le Villejuif Underground – Wuhan Girl
White Fence – Lorelei
Eerie Wanda – Magnetic Woman
Sugar Candy Mountain – In My Own World
Parsnip – Counterfeit
Tight Knit – Too Hot
Public Service – O / Desire
Flat Worms – Plastic At Home
Andy Human & the Reptoids – Autism 4 2
Heavy Metal – Schweinebastard
Sunwatchers – Beautiful Crystals
Wand – Scarecrow
Baked Beans – Stale
ORB – General Electric
The Creation Factory – Sunflower
The Dates – Summer Girl
Jordan Jones – Be My Baby
Harlem – Blonde On Blonde
Bobby Oroza – Your Love Is Too Cold

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